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China to draw a new LAC along the border?

Without firing a single shot by either side, 72 Indian soldiers were brutally harmed and 20 martyred with a Lieutenant Colonel rank officer. The casualties related to China is unknown and will never be known.LAC: A big mistakeThe border between China and India is a border of perceptions and claims which not clearly defined and agreed on the ground. There’s no hiding of the fact that after ill-considered 1993 Border Peace and Tranquility Agreement – where the term LAC got formalized and was a big mistake – the transgressions and intrusions from the Chinese side have been increased and the only aggressor was China. To understand fully about the border between India & China we must turn pages of history especially 1993. Before the 1962 Sino-Indian war there wasn't a border with China, it was a frontier. According to the book 'Dragon on our doorstep' by Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab, Zhou Enlai, Chinese diplomat offered a give and take compromise to settle the boundary …

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